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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 8, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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rest of us. that is my "two cents more". more tomorrow on a hot topic of high-speed treating and the major disadvantages of high-speed trading. we will hear from arthur levitt tomorrow. have a great night, we will see you back here tomorrow. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everyone. the obama campaign has unleashed a new strategy against governor romney. it is a vicious all out personal assaults on the governor. the president's campaign advisers and surrogates to do the talk shows and seemingly every news outlet they could reach to launch and hurl personal insults. fundamentally, new line of
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attack against romney is to simply call him a liar. here is just a sampling of the president's campaign staff and surrogates. >> are you saying that governor romney lied or was dishonest? >> yet come i think he was dishonest on absolutely. >> plenty of people have pointed out what a liar mitt romney is. if he was speaking last night, he was lying to we expected an aggressive debater to show up last night on the debate space with barack obama. we did not expect an aggressively dishonest debater to show up. >> many people are saying that what they saw was that governor romney -- it was the governor that they have known all along. the problem in the past as they had not seen that person and he finally emerged during the debate. >> so you're saying that he lied through his teeth in the republican primaries when he said he was going to cut taxes? >> we recall that he is the
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etch-a-sketch die. we always have to wonder which mitt romney is going to show up. if you continue to lie, or seek another. >> the president referencing a study by harvey rosen, to claim that governor romney is not being straight with the voters about his tax proposal. harvey rosen wrote exactly i can't tell how the obama campaign reached that characterization of my work. under plausible proposals along the lines, governor romney can be revenue neutral and keep the net tax burden on taxpayers with those about $200,000 of income about the same. so why would the president's campaign resort to these
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tactics? why raise the level of vitriol and insult and in what has already been called the dirtiest campaign in recent presidential history? the answer appears to be simple and obvious. the polls show that governor romney overwhelmingly one the presidential debate, by a historical margin. the impact of his victory is driving governor romney's poll numbers radically higher. this brand-new poll from the pew research center six ohs governor romney nationally jumping to a four-point lead over president obama. that represents a 12-point swing from just a month ago. and according to the new survey from the left leaning website, politico, governor romney extended his lead amongst independents. the republican nominee now leads president obama by 16 points in a key demographic. governor romney's lead there was only four points a week ago.
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parenthetically in 2008, president obama when the independent vote by eight points over john mccain. we will take all of that up here tonight with fox news senior political analyst, brit hume, congressional candidate mia love and the a-team tonight is brad blakeman, judith miller, and james freeman. the obama white house is caught up in a torrent of questions about its response. the last ones about the terrorist attack in benghazi. charges of cover-up and incompetence are raging on capitol hill, and each day seems to bring new evidence of an administration that can barely keep up with new revelations and developments. now, we have learned that a top aide to secretary of state hillary clinton called the attack in benghazi and apparent act of terrorism in a briefing to capitol hill staffers today
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after ambassador christopher stevens and three other americans were murdered by terrorists. fox news chief washington correspondent with our report. reporter: nearly a month after the murder of ambassador chris stevens, and three other americans, a house committee is set to hear testimony by american security officers who will tell congress their pleas for enhanced safety measures in libya in the days leading up to 9/11, were rebuffed by higher-ups in the state department at washington. >> my understanding is that there were requests made and those requests were denied. reporter: also the head of the u.s. special forces team in libya. >> all the forces are telling headquarters at the state department that we need this. and the answer kept coming back out? >> you need to do it less. for what reasons, i don't know. >> the fbi was just there a week ago. we need to learn about information. reporter: the official is
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undersecretary of state for management, patrick kennedy, who has been in his post since 2007. fox news has learned that on this evening of september 12, kennedy privately briefed senate staffers and told them that benghazi appeared to be a high sophisticated attack. kennedy indicated that this was fairly complex and not like a protest that have gotten out of hand. >> we don't see at this point signs that this was a coordinated plan, premeditated attack. >> .divergent narrative was offered four days later, not for another three days that a senior u.s. official state publicly what undersecretary kennedy had told congress privately. >> they were killed in thh course of a terrorist attack on the embassy. >> there was a decision made at that time as to what happens and what the story was going to be that was inconsistent with the facts, even as we knew it, on
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the ground. i think what you're finding is that his wife there is this -- there is this rift inside the intelligence community. reporter: fox news has confirmed that white house counterterrorism adviser john brennan will be in libya tomorrow to check in with the fbi investigation underway. also, chairman rogers holds fox news that he believes that the u.s. has obtained footage taken on the attacks were underway. lou: thank you. reporting from washington dc. the president embarrassed in the first debate of his reelection campaign, and an administration caught in a foreign policy disaster in libya. we are joined by a senior political analyst, brit hume. first, let's begin with the debate and the fact that all of these polls are showing an overwhelming lead and shift
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between romney and obama. what is going on? >> the condition of the country, both real and perceived, these are not neutral conditions of the kind of rise rice very close elections. these are decidedly negative conditions for an income that could be running. and i thought that it was remarkable that president obama deemed to be so wellhead and how the election seemingly in hand. now, we have had an event in which the president was required to defend his record, a difficult record to defend. he did not do it very well. i'm not sure how well it could be done. mitt romney had a good night. and the chickens are coming home to roost or if gravity in the selection should favor the
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challenger and now it is beginning to hearing after hearing, in the weeks ahead, this is a very difficult moment for this administration. irrespective of the political context. >> i agree with that. i think it is a difficult moment. very serious mistakes were made with the situation in libya that had to do with security and intelligence and the rest of it. the result was that hideous outcome that we saw there.
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the administration put out statements that were not based on the whole lot of information that we had on hand. we have people like jay carney saying that there was no evidence that this was anything other than anything other than reaction to the video triggered by the protests in cairo. there are reasons to suspect there was a cover-up here. i think that even the administration's dilemmas. lou: politically, as we watch what happened with the debate, economic policies, but as you say, the president was called upon to defend -- now with a foreign policy disaster for following this country as well as this administration, what are the implications for this race with governor romney now surging, as we just reported, and the a pew research poll up from another four points, giving
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governor romney an advantage. >> what we need to know is whether this is a bounce that may fade or a genuine search for it which, it may not be. we may not know for some time. it seems to me that it is certainly possible that this is a genuine surge. that mitt romney has managed by virtue of his debate performance and augmented by his speech today, in which he certainly looked presidential in a presidential setting and spoke that some authority of foreign policy issues -- mitt romney may be getting to look like a series canada. the challenger to a sitting president -- he may have a lot of help from that conditions in the country in the eyes of the public, but he needs to pass the tests himself. one of the tests is am i acceptable as a plausible president myself. it seems to me that the debate
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may have created that image in the minds of the public. that is so, his chances have greatly improved. lou: brit hume. we will have much more on the romney campaign's resurgence. we will have much more about that with the "a-team" coming up this hour and a great deal more. >> china is a threat for national security? the house intelligence committee awakening to a red storm rising. american companies not to work with two leading telecoms from china. shannon bream is here with a report on red storm rising. and a rising star in the republican party supporting limited government and fiscal discipline in this state of utah. she is ahead in the polls. is this a national trend? mayor mia love is our guest next
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lou: president obama's underperformance on the national
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stage, republican utah congressional candidate mia love will join us in just a moment to talk about the challenges of this election year. first, on wall street, stocks closing lower of what end of what is expected to be a weak earnings season, and beginning to rip, at least. perhaps some volatility. the dow jones industrial is down 26 points. the s&p fell five points, the nasdaq down 34 points. third-quarter kickoff tomorrow. companies in the s&p expected to post overall a decline in profits for the first time in nearly three years. about 2.5% lower of the previous years. meanwhile, the world bank slashed its growth outlook for the developing economies of eastern asia and the pacific region. about 7% down from an earlier projection of more than 7.5%. the weakest growth outlook in 11 years. turning back to politics, president obama's lack of
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popularity, putting democratic incumbents at significant risk. my guess, overtaking her opponent in the polls last week, after she made her debut on the national stage during the rnc. joining us tonight is republican candidate and utah's fourth congressional district candidate, mayor mia love. good to have you with us. >> hello, thank you for having me. lou: let's start with the situation in utah. comfortably a republican state. you are incumbent, you are the incumbent -- the incumbent you are challenging has been solidly in his position that he supports president obama. is that not a significant advantage now for you as this campaign closes? >> oh, yes, of course it is. utah, i believe, will support mitt romney overwhelmingly. i think we will have -- mitt romney will have more votes out of the state of utah than anye.
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the fact that he is supporting barack obama and has voted with barack obama 75% of the time, puts barack obama first instead of his district first, i think it is hurting him. the truth is resonating. that is why we are doing well. lou: some news polls show you leaving jim matheson. he had a 15-point lead at the beginning of the summer, as you well know. was it your performance at the national convention that was persuasive to voters? were changed over the period of time? >> i think the message rings true. i was able to represent utah's voice. there are people that are struggling and hurting and they are tired of excuses. they are tired of the excuses on the national level and excuses here. they want results. and they want someone who's going to be able to leave. someone who can lead and get those results you want you heads
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of the jobs are without question the number one priority. >> exactly. lou: how would you, as one of 435, if you are victorious, on november 6 -- how we bring that action? >> well, first of all, i am not planning on being congresswoman for 35. i'm seriously going out to try to give votes to come along with that. it is about leadership and coming up with solutions to real problems. the first thing that we have to do when it comes to jobs is we have to create predictability in the market. there is no predictability right now. we are in the same place this year that we were last year. you know, these deficits are struggling. lou: you are campaigning for governor romney in ohio. he will continue to do so. in ohio, when they have a 7.2% unemployment rate -- they are enjoying a far better recovery from the recession that nearly
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all of the country. what is the most persuasive message that you can take to the voters they are? >> well, i think in the state of utah, we are doing well in spite of what washington is doing. but it's not going to be too long. we are all going to bear the burdens that the president has put on us. we will feel the pain the president has put on us. we are doing well in spite of barack obama, nothing thinking is what happened in ohio. what we need to do is we need to get people on their feet and ready to go, get them fired up. it is obvious that during the debate, barack obama has no idea how to get the economy going. mitt romney definitely knows the country this country needs to take the one thank you for joining us, mia love. critics may have panned a new
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lou: new warnings to u.s. companies should avoid doing business with china's two leading telecommunications companies. because they pose a threat to u.s. national security. that is according to a new report from congress after a year-long investigation. fox news correspondent shannon bream is live in washington dc with our report were today, leaders of the house intelligence committee released
7:25 pm
a bipartisan report following an investigation into chinese communications companies working to expand their presence in the united states. lawmakers troubled by an electrical property theft of the two companies refuse to answer their concerns about how the entities might access and misuse information from private medical records to military secrets. >> we were disappointed by the incomplete contradictory and evasive responses we received by both companies throughout the entire investigation. reporter: because the chinese law allows them to provide access to information they obtain, lawmakers are urging them to stop doing business with them. >> only look at what is at stake and what critical infrastructure we would open up to the very threat of both cyberespionage and potential cyberattack, if her adversary so desires, we can come to no other conclusion.
7:26 pm
reporter: it has played out against the backdrop against china's misbehavior. >> we will crack down on china, they cheat him to have stolen our jobs, we have brought more trade cases against china in one term than the previous administration did in two. reporter: roger says the investigation also uncovered information that could lead to several criminal charges, including a significant bribery case that will be handed over to the fbi on tuesday. lou: shannon, this is remarkable. this report, the 60 minutes piece last night, it is really a compelling story. but it does look to be peculiar in its timing, given the presidential election as it approaches and the fact that we
7:27 pm
have such a expensive relationship with china. what is going on here? >> well, what's interesting is that question was actually posed to these lawmakers today as they were rolling out the report. i can tell you that there are politics now being played with it. for example, the obama campaign sent out an e-mail and video late today, attempting to win governor romney who's supposed to thousand seven deal between bain capital and one of the companies that was the subject of this congressional investigation. the obama campaign says romney stood to benefit from that potential deal, that was publicly called out by republicans in congress to speak out against it -- he refused to do that. at that time, romney's spokesman said that the governor was not involved in bain capital or any of their investment decisions. the transaction was ultimately scrapped. lou: has everybody down there kind of looked inside the labels on their coats? their shirts? everyone there is benefiting from the trade relationship with china. this is almost the number one
7:28 pm
priority -- it's a very serious charge and we should be carefully investigating it as we have been. but these conclusions seem to be -- somehow, dissonant from what has been 20 years experience with china. in one hand, we accept them as an equal trading partner that is absolutely free of political values. and also judgment. i'm not saying that's appropriate, i would argue that it should be absolutely defined by clinical values. this time but this time and again, shannon, it is strange indeed. reporter: it is interesting because you have heard it, and we have all heard it both of the presidential candidates have talked about getting tough with china, whether it is about currency manipulation, trade issues, or issues like this about cybersecurity and hacking and intellectual property. the obama campaign is directly
7:29 pm
pointing out the romney campaign. they said that pretending governor romney was somehow involved in bain capital's decision eight years after he left the firm, because we're talking about a perfect example of what governor romney has admitted. the romney campaign also took the opportunity to go on to note that the company in question here today is actually one that received a number of government contracts under the current administration. lou: thank you very much. your great reporter. thank you. much more on this national security threat. we will define how much of the predators and how much is just plain old politics. that's coming up next. >> the tale of a wild wall street detailing the lavish wall
7:30 pm
street traders and how extravagant and access can minimize a man and his choices. joining us is the author of "ghosts of manhattan", doug brunt. >> a gasoline prices in the golden state, california scone and a mess of their own making, prices soaring to record levels, some stations out of gas. will their efforts to fix the mess cause a bigger mess for surrounding states? >> governor romney with a record-setting performance at the first debate, his poll numbers are surging and he is going after president on foreign policy. >> leaving our destiny at the mercy of events. unfortunately, that is exactly where we find ourselves under president obama. >> "a-team" is here to talk about a challenger who is
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serving. we have big dreams.
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♪ lou: my next guest made his riding debut last week with an amazing new novel that offers, well, a withering, somewhat critical, and humorous view of life as a trader on wall street. joining me now, for internet executive, author of the new book. here it is. look at that. did you novelist and not, it's good to have you here. this book about life on wall street, i covered wall street for a very long time. i have to say, are it -- your account is revving. bond traders and the like, if you will on wall street. what was -- what drove you to this novel end to this
7:35 pm
particular venue? >> have always wanted to be a writer. i have written as a hobby for many years. this evolved into the real thing, but i chose wall street because it's such a rich backdrop for a novel, and i have lived in new york for my entire adult life and have a number are friends to work on wall street, so i have had this from receipt for the lifestyle and what happens in going out to dinner with these guys and hearing the stories is amazing, so it just makes -- lou: i presume, doug, the you're talking about these guys being the friends of those who told the stories. >> the friends of friends to my exactly. lou: the idea that you can get caught up in wall street, big money and all of the excess to my extravagance, the immense rewards and pressures that is what street, fighting that battle, your protagonist, and it
7:36 pm
is interesting because you chose the last name farmer, and i happen to know -- better not say it this way. he actually fit a certain profile of somebody and you buy that in some years ago. it is fascinating t the way in which you chose to portray him and to give him uncommon -- i would say decency in the midst of is not evil, certainly a moral perceptions of life. >> he is facing a struggle that many of us could face in any career. me myself, i chose to make a leap from a different career. my wife did as well. lou: with a minute. this is a great point which to point this out. you -- your background is internet security, venture-capital list. you were in finance. >> yes, for a few years initially. lou: and your wife is a former attorney for. >> former attorney. lou: prosecutor. all 9 yards. and she does what no?
7:37 pm
>> she is a journalist for the fox news channel. lou: surname is making kelly. i have to tell you, i don't know if we have the video, but you and megan, that interview that the highest brave possible. my wife watched the interview, as did we of last friday. she said, you guys were terrific. lou: >> it was a lot of fun. she is such a pro. easy to come out here and have these kind of conversations. lou: the book, is has got to be -- first of all, it is a daunting task to do in the book. i cannot imagine what it is llke to write nonfiction, are ripping tell. and you positive in 2005. then it sort of hanging after, waiting for the -- waiting for the economic debacle of 2008, more -- more books ahead? >> i don't know if there will be a sequel for mr. farmer. i like working in the first
7:38 pm
person, and it was a lot of fun to get into that character and to write about that lifestyle. there is just so much great stuff to o with. the lifestyle for these guys, it's like -- there is a whole world that not everyone knows about. and if you go to a strip bar, for example, and you are the average patron yo and it throws you dollars. for these guys it could be a frequent and in customer you get that sort of good fellows walk that goes to the kitchen and the back doors and to the prime tables into rooms that no one knows about. so it was a fun time to explore this world that not everyone knows about 36 of want to tell you. at the kid is a terrific book. you have such an original turn of phrase. and that just want to compliment you on your riding as well. the story you tell us terrific. >> thank you. lou: thank you so much. the book is ghosts of manhattan. can we see that the graphic one more time. make it very clear we're coming from.
7:39 pm
up next, record high gasoline prices at the state of california as governor brown orders an emergency fix. don't they always order emergency fixes in california? we will have any effect? we will have that next. david letterman, a search and obama campaign adviser. making a few accusations against governor romney. it is really kind of, well, let me be candid, unsettling. coming up here tomorrow, governor romney erasing the president's leaves in the polls. he has a lead himself. can congressman ryan deliver an encore performance against joe biden? probably not until he has his first debate. veteran campaign strategist, former reagan adviser, former fdic chair joins us. by the way, some very interesting views on wall street and a guy by the name of timothy geithner, treasury secretary,
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you know. we are coming right back. ♪
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lou: well, a new gallup poll confirms governor romney scored an historic victory in last week's presidential debate, an overwhelming 72 percent of registered voters giving governor romney the when compared with only 20% to believe president obama to be the winner. the 52-point margin of victory is the biggest ever recorded by gallup. you know president obama is an even more trouble when a publication like the new yorker is bashing his debate performance. the newest cover, there it is, governor romney debating an empty chair. reminiscent of the rnc. that is about as tough as the
7:44 pm
new yorker has ever been as far as i can remember on any liberal at any time. and california gasoline prices hitting new record high for a third straight day. the statewide average price $4.67 per gallon, up $0.50 in just one week. in an effort toobring down high prices governor jerry brown allowing a slightly earlier rollout of less-expensive want to blend gasoline. i can imagine the millions of californians just sank thank you so much, governor. the transition have already scheduled for the end of the month and can take refineries up to a weaker more to make this witness of the governor emergency action is not happening with any real urgency. california typically has substantially higher gasoline prices simply because it has the second-highest gas tax and the country. late show host david letterman taking a cue from the obama campaign attack dogs. senator reid and stephanie
7:45 pm
cotter during his show friday letterman repeatedly repeated the utterly ridiculous claim that romney did not pay federal income taxes. listen to this. >> like it does tax returns because i believe we will discover that the man has not paid and nickel to the united states and federal income-tax. [applause] a felon running for president. [laughter] lou: the only thing i can imagine to my doing an impression of harry reid. not bad, don't you think? well, romney did release his tax returns, of course. there we are. coming up next will be the "a-team," governor romney enjoying a post debate surge in the polls for sparring a new campaign tactic from mean team obama. the character assault come back to hurt the president? the "a-team" will answer that question. all of that and much more with judith miller, james, the "wall
7:46 pm
street journal," brad lachemann, washington d.c. waiting for us in a little box. there you are. good to have you. good to have you. we're coming right back. ♪ i had and she became the full time mother of three. it was soccer, and ballet, and cheerleading, and baseball. those years were crazy. so, as we go into this next phase, you know, a big part of ifor us is that there isn't anything on the schedule. overmany discounts to thine customers! safe driver, multi-car, paid in full -- a most fulsome bounty indeed, lord jamie. thou cometh and we thy savet what are you doing? we doth offer so many discounts, we have some to spare. oh, you have a of the homeowners' discounts? here we go. thank you.
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♪ lou: joining us now, the "a-team", pulitzer prize-winning journalist, fox is contributor. wall street journal assistant editorial page editor, former senior staff member of the bush 43 administration, as we call it so quickly. good to have you. let's start with you, judy. and this amazing surge in the poll for romney. pugh, gallup, you name it, they are saying nothing but nice things about governor romney. what is your reaction? >> my reaction is president obama better do more than just
7:50 pm
make a few jokes at a fund-raiser out in los angeles. lou: was that a joke? >> she did say he was having an off night and not a stellar performance. lou: let's share this self-deprecating humor. i'm going to call everybody's caught the president's laughing and used face as he says this. see how much fun you thought the president was having as he made this self-deprecating joke. >> everybody here is an incredible professional, such great friends. they just performed flawlessly night after night. i can always say the same. [laughter] lou: did you see him cracking up? he can barely control himself. >> his idea of settles humor. i mean, what can he do? lou: the great one is so new ones that we cannot detected. >> at least he acknowledged that
7:51 pm
he has a problem. lou: what do you think? >> well, his surrogates are out there spreading lies that it was the allies' of mitt romney that deafen to the presidents, yet it -- remember, these are all people that paid $25,000 a plate. all the actors to know about plopping lines to the president of greenwich, noticed he was reading from a teleprompter. so it was hardly -- it was hardly self-deprecating humor. it was something he was reading. lou: what do you think? >> i think brad hit the nail on the head. if you're paying 25 grand for dinner you probably deserve an explanation for why your guy blew it last week. lou: i would prefer a little better joke in that for 25 grand if. >> did not like the joke on the teleprompter. lou: speaking of great line, romney today saying hope is that a strategy on foreign policy. i thought he nailed it. >> i think he gave a very strong
7:52 pm
speech on foreign policy. and he answered some, but not all the questions that people have about the specifics of what a president romney would do. lou: that is the thing i have been thinking. i cannot wait to hear the same level of specificity from governor romney that we heard from the center obama in 2008. it would go a long way to create great confidence in his candidacy. lou: absolutely. but the achilles heel of romney was supposed to be foreign policy. now we see him step up to the plate, call it as everybody saw it. it is quite evident it was a terrorist attack. spot on in his remarks on september 12th. he blew off another security briefing. the fact is, i think romney is looking very much like a president on the economic side as well as a foreign policy side. suppose to be his weakest link. lou: the fact is, the president is not running on any front
7:53 pm
right now. >> but especially foreign policy you are seeing it. >> jobs. lou: well, let's go first, if i may. if we may hear, let's start with taxes. can we do that. profess seat to the professor harvey rosen after all of this nonsense, this smear campaign that is going on, this attack on governor romney that has become the default campaign of the obama folks, he had to come out and save, the president is represented me in the debate. he has misrepresented my views on the run the tax plan, which -- is entirely possible. >> it is crazy. if you read the rose and paper it is basically an explanation of how romney plan we will work without a middle-class tax increase or blowing up the deficit. it is basically explaining, knocking down all of the obama arguments, yet the obama campaign tried to use and as a source for their claims costs.
7:54 pm
lou: they did. and this business, it is a full of assault. robert gives u.s. not been able to find a job with anyone except obama is out holding forth on who has the greater integrity. and, you know, we are not so pitiful it would be laughable, but this is a nasty, vicious campaign that i said at the broadcast. it was foreshadowed by all the negative ads that have run for months now upon months. what in the world have these people, what are they doing to themselves? >> they are falling back on their old original routine, which was let's just sully his reputation. let's get people not to believe -- lou: they're out of ideas. >> out of ideas. they know this works. lou: it doesn't. i just showed you it doesn't. q. has him up four points nationally. >> it does not work. there is always somebody else to blame with the obama camp.
7:55 pm
it is never the bosses fault. the fact is, now that romney lied to me that is there defense. if it wasn't for bad news the president would not make news on the economy, foreign policy, or anything else, and it is now up to them to play offense. they can't because they have a record 56 quickly name one thing that this president has taken -- i mean, brad makes a great point. one thing, foreign policy, domestic policy, personal life, whenever, one thing he has taken responsibility for. one failing. >> the killing of osama bin london is what he takes credit for. lou: that credit. that is a success. with that we have to say thank you. but here with a list of all sorts of answers on their next appearance. one viewer makes it very interesting observation about subsidies to the public broadcasting system. we will be right back. stay with us. ♪ this happy couple used capital one venture miles
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lou: for your comments, we turn to larry who said, with the obama administration the first casualty is always the truth. among them, roger said, big bird and his pals are making a fortune off of product endorsements why should we subsidize this? a profound question, one that


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